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We established this company in 1996 because we believed that the Internet was a terrific vehicle to support individuals in their career journey. Now, organizations turn to us to help engage their entire talent network.

Remaining true to the values and benefits of supporting people along their career continuum, we provide organizations of all sizes with a complete range of solutions to interact with individuals before, during, and after employment.

If you need proven talent development solutions delivered through impactful web technology that incorporates world-class mentoring, career development, coaching, transition, and alumni content, we can help.

Insala's Leadership Team

Phillip C. Roark

President & CEO

Phillip C. Roark, Chief Executive Officer, has successfully led Insala since 1996 as a recognized technology partner to the global outplacement and career management industry. Since the company's founding, he has developed a team and the systems to support leading organizations around the globe with career, mentoring, and talent development initiatives.

Phillip is the youngest ever recipient of the President's Award from the Association of Career Professionals International. Further recognition during his tenure at Insala are the company's inclusion in the Software 500 Magazine since 2005, and Insala's listing among the top 10 growth companies in revenue ranking in that same year. Deloitte's "Fast 50" Program named Insala as one of Texas' fastest growing technology companies. The Ft. Worth Mayor's Award recognized Insala as a finalist for Exporter of the Year, and Insala is currently one of the top 100 businesses ever started by graduates of the Texas A&M University System.

Prior to Insala, Phillip received a Rotary Scholarship to study in Germany, and he served as a cryptologist in the US Navy in Italy. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Communication from West Texas A & M University. He has worked in Human Resources for Pillowtex, Laidlaw, Morningstar, and Atrium, progressing to the role of Director of Corporate Communications. He is certified in DDI's Interaction Management™, PDI's 360° Profiler™, CPP's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, and Hogan Assessment Systems.

He created the concepts for, and co-authored the web-based learning and career development systems, EmploymentTalk™ and iCareerManager™. These systems have been used by more than 700,000 individuals worldwide.

Doug Maxwell

Chief Technology Officer

Doug W. Maxwell, Chief Technology Officer, leads Insala's strategic technology initiatives and serves as chief software architect. Doug is an original founder of Insala and responsible for the initial design and development of all technical operations. Doug's entrepreneurial passion remains evident in his application of cross-functional skills to innovative software design.

As lead technologist at Insala, Doug has overseen the development of all major versions of the Insala Suite platform from inception to Version 5, including EmploymentTalk™, iCareerManager™, Hi-Impact Mentoring®, and Insala's new alumni relations solution - AlumniPro™. His focus on innovation has resulted in technological advances including Insala's connections matching algorithm, package architecture, proprietary ICICL tag language, and flexible frameworks supporting scalable and configurable client implementations. Doug has also supported global implementations for clients including Coca-Cola, Hudson, CFA Institute, and Ernst & Young.

Prior to Insala, Doug founded web technology firm Neotrek, focusing on hosted intranet portal development and membership solutions. Doug is a graduate of Texas A&M University, holding a Master of Science degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in micro propagation and physical mutagenesis. His prior experience includes developing distance education programs, including web-based courses in website design. With Insala, Doug was named to the inaugural selection of the Aggie 100, a program recognizing the 100 fastest growing organizations founded by graduates of Texas A&M University.

Stephen Grindrod

Managing Director of Career Services

Stephen manages all operations of the career services business unit. He consistently looks for ways to improve processes with his business unit including marketing, sales, project implementation, consulting services, customer training and account management to further grow the career services business unit and make sure all clients get the return of investment they need.

He account manages all premium mentoring clients and supports team members on implementing new clients. Insala's Saas Career Services products and consulting include solutions for mentoring, career development and career transition.

Stephen brings extensive online marketing and technical experience from leading interactive and communication companies including, Via Michelin, Icon Media, and (now part of Travelocity Europe), where he developed and led sales channel expansions for their partner and private label websites.

Stephen received his Bachelor of Science with Honors from The University of Liverpool, where he studied Computer Information Systems. Originally from Manchester in England, Stephen has lived and worked in various European cities including Barcelona, Paris and London.

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