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Great organizations take the best care of their people.

In today's competitive business environment, your organization needs to reduce turnover costs and maximize employee productivity more than ever before. A successful corporate mentoring program that helps your organization strategically attract, develop, and retain your employees can make the difference between a good talent management strategy and a great one - one that positions you far ahead of your competitors.

There is no better time than now to launch your corporate mentoring program. Our mentoring consultants provide the knowledge, processes, and tools to roll out the best possible corporate mentoring program as a key component of your business strategy.

Mentoring for Educational Institutions

Members of the educational and academic communities are likely already familiar with the importance of mentoring. While many students and alumni benefit from mentoring as part of their educational experience, faculty and staff can also benefit from mentoring partnerships in ways that will continue to enrich their careers in education and the academy.

Mentoring partnerships can help new faculty and staff improve their work-life balance, plan for grants and research commitments, and navigate committee obligations with the guidance of experienced members of your institution as their mentors. Mentoring benefits faculty and staff by welcoming new members into the fold and helping them productively integrate into your institution's culture.

Mentoring for Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is crucial for organizations to maintain a competitive advantage in a global environment. Diverse and inclusive organizations are able to deploy a wide range of knowledge and skills, reach out to a varied client base, and motivate talented employees from all backgrounds to perform their best.

Through mentoring for diversity and inclusion, your organization can:

  • Discover top talent and utilize your entire talent pool

  • Empower employees of all backgrounds to effectively navigate their career paths

  • Establish a diverse leadership and succession pipeline that drives business results

Learn more about why mentoring is a highly effective and crucial diversity solution for today's best-in-class organizations. See our article, Mentoring - Enhancing Diversity Strategically and Sustainably for Bottom Line Results.

Custom Mentoring Programs

Every organization focuses on unique goals and competencies in developing their employees. We support your organization's unique needs, competencies, and talent pool with custom mentoring solutions targeted for specific objectives.

Our consultants can help you implement the following programs, and more:

  • Mentoring for superior customer service

  • Mentoring for top talent and leadership development

  • Mentoring for effective use of technology

  • Mentoring for senior executives

  • Mentoring for project management

  • Mentoring for creativity and innovation

  • Mentoring to build specific on-the-job skills/competencies

  • Distance or virtual mentoring

By utilizing one or more of these targeted programs, you will empower your employees to grow and achieve their career goals in ways that enable your organization to achieve its highest potential.

Ready to Learn More?

If you're ready to learn more about how a mentoring program would fit into and enhance your organization, contact us today: we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

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Features and Benefits


Complete Solutions
Mentoring learning plans guide mentors and mentees in focused and constructive partnerships. Enhance your career development initiative with a mentoring solution customized to meet your organization's specific needs and objectives.

Administrative Efficiency
Leverage limited time and training funds to create a successful and manageable program. Use team mentoring to maximize efficiency, and implement technology to improve reporting capabilities and participant matching and pairing.

Continued Support
Determine your organization's readiness for mentoring; benefit from ongoing consulting, feedback, and evaluation for the duration of your program.

Educational Institutions

Prepared for Success
Generate participant buy-in and promote your program to faculty and staff who will benefit most. Prepare your program coordinators, mentors, and mentees to work together in creating mentoring programs that address multiple needs.

Participant Driven
Establish an effective matching and pairing methodology, and engage your program participants with an interactive "do it yourself" approach to mentoring.

Efficient Tracking and Reporting
Create a program with complete participant accountability, gather the data you need to report on any program measure, and free up time and resources to expand your program.


Generate Buy-in
Align your diversity initiative with real business goals and gain participant support for your program.

Enhance your Talent Pipeline
Fully engage every employee to realize their full potential, and develop top talent from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Sustain and Retain
Achieve sustainable inclusion and retain your top talent through voluntary, productive partnerships between individuals.

Custom Programs

Precision Design
Design a mentoring program that addresses the precise needs of your organization

Enhanced Efficiency
Channel resources to meet your highest-priority business objectives. Improve ROI by saving time and resources with a mentoring program that provides precisely the right guidance for the right employees.

Targeted Training
Offer tightly focused training for mentors with targeted tasks and outcomes for mentees. Ensure that all participants make the most of their mentoring partnerships.

Corporate mentoring programs for every industry, organization, and institution


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