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Preparing Mentoring Participants

No matter what your organization needs or what kind of mentoring program you would like to implement, it's vital to ensure that everyone involved is fully prepared for the program. For any mentoring program to succeed, it's crucial that program administrators understand their roles in advising and leading program participants, that mentors understand how to communicate with and motivate mentees, and that mentees are prepared to take full advantage of the mentoring partnership program in advancing their skills and careers.

Mentoring training courses can help you ensure that this occurs.

Mentoring Training Courses for Every Role

At Insala, our mentoring experts provide mentoring training for mentors, mentees, and administrators alike, so that everyone involved can get the most out of the mentoring program. All mentoring training courses can be customized and delivered in workshop and webinar formats that fit your specific needs.

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mentoring training for participants in every role


    Aug 10, 2016

    Mentoring Skills

    There are a set of skills possessed by good mentors that make them sought out for their knowledge and ability to guide mentees.

    Aug 03, 2016

    How Does Mentoring Fit into your Succession Planning Strategy?

    Organizations are realizing the ever changing landscape of the business world we live in. The more seasoned executives and baby boomers are coming into retirement age, which could potentially leave a company vulnerable if not properly prepared. Millennials are also on the hunt for a career that satisfies them. Companies are countering this by offering incentives such as mentoring programs to show the employee they are willing to invest in their future career path

    Jul 29, 2016

    Tips for Measuring the Success of a Mentorship

    After investing the time effort and money into starting a mentoring program, youíre going to want to see how itís doing. Are the mentors and mentees meeting their objectives? Are they getting along? Are the objectives realistic? All of these questions and more can be answered with these tips to measure the success of a mentorship.

    Jul 27, 2016

    Engaging Your Mentors and Mentees

    You've led the horses to water, how can you get them to drink? This age old question points to engagement. How can you engage your mentors and mentees? And how you ensure the mentor and mentee relationship will be a success?

    Jul 25, 2016

    Choosing a Mentoring Provider

    Do you remember the last time you purchased a brand new car? The list of factors that you probably considered included: amenities, fuel efficiency, monthly payments and the usefulness of your last vehicle. Itís a practical list that every car owner should consider.