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Our complimentary webinar series covers a number of key topics on mentoring as a crucial component of your talent management strategy.

Our discussions provide food for thought on how to facilitate sustainable and successful mentoring programs within your organization. Please register for any upcoming webinars and view any of our previous webinars at your convenience. If you have any suggestions for webinar topics, please contact us.

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Mentoring for Diversity - The Business Strategy

Diversity and inclusion have been a part of HR for more than 30 years and has moved from a compliance program to a business strategy. The workforce has changed and are now both younger and older, culturally and globally diverse.

Recruiting Mentors: How to get qualified mentors that volunteer to be in your mentoring program

Listen to Insala's Mentoring Program Expert to learn the definition of a mentor, the competencies needed and tips and advice on your marketing plan to recruit more mentors.

The Secret Sauce to Mentoring in 2015

Recent studies have shown that measurement is one of the biggest challenges mentoring program managers are experiencing today. This 45 minute webinar will walk you through the five steps to make your mentoring program a sustainable business strategy.

Mentoring for Knowledge Transfer in Today's Workplace

Baby Boomers are retiring, Generation X is moving into leadership positions, Millennials are expected to comprise 40% of the global workforce by 2020 and Generation Z already claims 10%. With 4 generations on the job, managers across functional departments are challenged with getting employees to communicate and transfer their knowledge.

7 Tips to Get Mentors and Mentees to Make Time for Mentoring

A major challenge for mentoring program managers is keeping your mentors and mentees engaged enough to continue meeting on a regular basis. To help program managers avoid this challenge we have compiled our top 7 best practices.

So You've Got New Hires! Now What?

According to Aberdeen research 86% of new hires make their decision to leave or stay within the first 6 months, and 89% say they do not have the level of knowledge and tools necessary to do their jobs. This webinar focuses on helping managers leverage mentoring to more effectively onboard new employees and reduce time-to-productivity.

Mentoring and the "Success" in "Succession Planning"

Maintaining strong leadership within your organization comes down to being pro-active in developing leadership skills and a succession pipeline. Succession planning is often a reactive approach: desperately scrambling to find someone with the potential to grow into a vacant leadership role. Succession development on the other hand will ensure that new leaders are ready and able to take on their new roles with confidence.

How to Reduce Your 2014 Training Expenses with Mentoring

Supplementing your formal training programs with mentoring can accelerate the learning curve of new employees by providing them with the hands on experience and cultural exposure that most training programs lack. This webinar dives into both the training and mentoring approaches to skills development so you can identify the potential to reduce costs and increase employee performance within your organization.

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